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    looking for a driveshaft and coupler shaft for 2001 SUV 66V

    as the title says. I think I need a drive shaft and coupler shaft for 2001 SUV1200. The ski runs fine but doesn't go any were. I'm guessing I need to replace them. Thanks

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    should be a 65U in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    should be a 65U in there
    yea its strange, but they run the 66v pump and intermediate on the suv

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    I have everything! Pm me your cell and I will get in touch with you tomorrow!! All out of a 2001 xlt 800. I had bought new before i had parted it out. Both shafts have less that 10hrs on them!
    All same part numbers.

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    Yep same pump shaft and pump as an early GPR. The I shaft is the same as the early model GPR but the coupler is different. They used the 65U style coupler which is slightly different. I ended up putting one in from a GPR, and then I changed the coupler on my motor to one from a GPR. The rubber damper that goes between the couplers is more robust from the later model GPR. been here done this

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