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    04 gp1300r heavy bogging problems

    so i am looking at buying a 04 gp1300r from a guy that is having some bogging problems. basically you can start it up and run it off shore and it wont do it that bad but in the water you give it gas and there is no go.

    background info:
    120psi compression
    d plate and chip were done.
    new injectors were put in.
    reeds were inspected and looked to be good.

    initially i was thinking clogged cat but it doesnt have that now. only thing i can think of is that tip over sensor that cuts timing which doesnt make much sense or the TPS malf and dumping tons of fuel or not enough.

    as for my background with jetskies/engine experience. i got my first standup 7 years ago when i was 14. ran that. modded it. bought three more 550's. spent a ton of time on pwctoday learning. ended my standup time with a 650 swapped into a 550js hull. mrd mech fuel injection. piped, race gas, porting etc etc. i dropped that all for drag racing and my wrx sti for the past couple years and now with a long term gf that loves my rents vx110 i figured i need to find something again that will be nice for two of us and fun for when i go out myself so logically i went with the proven yamaha engines! i personally have rebuilt subaru engines and built my own transmission. tore a few cars down in my day and do tuning for alot of local subaru guys via laptop.

    so just saying i have plenty of mechanical ability but going from a car or carbed kawi engine i am kinda lost on these besides what google searches have found for me.

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    fuel pump
    ignition missfire
    sheared keyway
    broken flywheel
    exhaust leak
    crank out of phase

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    well it has no exh leak. and the entire big black ignition box was swapped out from a running ski and that didnt fix it. what do you mean out of phase on the crack shaft? my first tries were going to be fuel pump and then tps.

    a broken flywheel or sheared key would be a drastic change right? but a fuel change could happen over a timer period i assume so how it happened hopefully will narrow it down...

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    well i guess it was running great then one day it had a bog on takeoff and seemed sluggish. then the next weekend out it just didnt want to go forward. what do you guys think is the best place to start?

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    any other input or someone this has happened to before that was more complicated or easier than expected?

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    did you check everything on the list I posted?

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    Any resolution ?

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