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    Problem with Throttle Position Sensor on 2002 Virage Txi

    hey guys, looking for some help with my virage txi.

    I recently had the emm rebuilt by DFI (had a bad capacitor), threw the emm back in, engine started and idled fine. Threw it on the lake and tried to accelerate, engine would not go above an idle while pressing the throttle, and the check engine light came on. Once I released the throttle the engine surged. I pulled the codes and got a code 12 (TPS malfunction). I ordered a new TPS from parts pit stop and threw it in. The engine runs pretty good now. Accelerates and decelerates with the throttle. However it still throws the check engine light, albeit just briefly between 2000 and 3000 rpms. It feels like it may hesitate just a bit but takes right off after I hit 3000 rpms. I pulled the codes again and its still throwing a code 12. I've checked the TPS and its installed correctly, all the connections are good. I doubt its the actual sensor itself, its brand new.

    Any one have any suggestions, anyone ever have this happen to the before?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I don't have big trust in new parts, but I'd check the harness connector and maybe crimp the tps connector down a _touch_ to assure better contact.

    I'd be checking the battery voltage also...if your battery is marginal you could be having hard to find problems. check grounds and all other things electric too.

    I assume you are using the correct brutal expensive spark plugs?

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    thanks for the advice...... definitely have the right plugs, just cleaned all the grounds, will check the crimps and battery voltage tomorrow.

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