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    SLT 750 Fuel Seperater

    Hello everyone,

    Could someone please tell me how to properly drain and clean the fuel Seperater? This is like a jar above the battery and CDI. If I unscrew and drain do I need to put fuel back in? I guess I'm not sure what this does? Someone on here was talking about draining and cleaning it of it doesn't start as good as it should.

    Thanks for the help!

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    IT can gather old fuel. IF it is a 95 or newer it should have an orange ring, a filter, and a spring. If it is a 94, it won't have anything in it but fuel. Empty it out and make sure the screen is clear if it has one. IF you see any water in it before you empty it, you should probably empty your tank as this is most likely the source of the water. It is best to refill it 3/4 or so of the way so you don't make a mess putting it back on. The pump will technically fill it up, but why put the extra wear on your starter?

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    Water is heavier than fuel so it sinks to the bottom of the fuel seperator. Thus causing the ring to rise on the newer models indicating water is present.

    The old style made you physically look for a water and fuel seperation.

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    Unscrew black attachment ring while holding jar. Remove jar, careful not to tip and spill. Pour contents on weeds you want to kill. Spray jar insides with carb or brake cleaner... wipe with paper towel. (This helped get some of the grimmy buildup out of mine). Refill most of the way with clean gas (or premix if you premix or for new engine break-in). Carefully screw back in without spilling. Enjoy!

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