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    Broke intake grate bolt

    Trying to replace a grate on a 2000 GPR that still has stock grate on it. One of the bolts broke and I am 99% certain the othe three are going to snap off as well. Can I drill them out and tap them with a bigger size? How large of a tap can I use? And at what depth can they be drilled? If not what do I have to do to fix it. I found wfo's he frount mount, but what about the rear? Thanks

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    Use heat, and work the bolts back and forth, slowly. may be able to get the others out without breaking.

    use WFO's mount on the front. the back bolts should be upgrade in size too. I'm not sure, but WFO's kit may come with all 4 bolts, I cant remember though.....

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    I broke the 2 that fastened the grate to the shoe. The shoe was so bad that I ended up replacing that too. I got one pretty cheap off Ebay.

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    Woo hoo got the other three out and got the broke one out with vise grips. Must have done something right this week. The other three I used an air impact ratchet and they came right out with no problems. Wife has a new r&d grate and she is happy.

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