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    Need advice on variable oil pump install on 93 sl650

    during my 650 engine rebuild, I replaced the pump for a variable one used in later model years. I have the ski running, but it is putting out copious amounts of smoke and what looks to be raw oil in the exhaust. I am wondering if I installed the pump wrong.

    specifically, maybe the spring loaded arm is not set to the right resting position? I cannot think of anything else.

    if anyone has this pump on their Fuji 650/750, I could use some pictures to see it's default position. you will know if you have it if there is a steel arm connecting the pump to the throttle body on the carbs.

    please help, you're my only hope!

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    Do you have any premix inside the fuel tank? That way any oil from the pump will only be adding to the problem.

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    My 780 carbs has the connection for the rod that runs down to the oil pump and varies oil ratios based on throttle position (but I've removed it all and am running premix). I do not recall my 750 carbs having this connection nor did it have the variable oil pump.

    Did you make your own linkage connection to the 650 carbs? Or are you running different carbs?

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    If you did not make the connection with the rod to the carbs it will default to FULL oil output, basically no different if you didnt have the variable pump on it, my i believe my SLT carbs has the hookup for the rod but does not have the rod. ( i might be making this switch to the other pump in the near future..)

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