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    Angry 01 virage overhaul.... im taking EVERYTHING out!

    Frustration has got the best of me. I can't seem to figure out why this damn ski isnt getting a spark. My sister in-laws husband and his special ed friend seemed to mess with everything trying to be mechanics. So I'm going to do like i did with my 89 Kawasaki and gut and disassemble the whole thing including a motor rebuild. Sanding the water damage bubles in the foot wells and repairing with a black gel coat, then reupholster the seat, and a custom paint job to the hull and blue covers. Anyone know where to get a timing light like the one they have in the repair manual? also what modifications can i make to this thing? I was contemplating having the top of the motor milled down for more compression like my kawi but i'd like to see what else i can do to it before i go that far. any sites that sell bolt on aftermarket performance parts for this ski?

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    run a set of my franken keihin carbs,twin true 40mm carbs with an accl pump,my 00 virage had a single carb and i swapped out for a setup like this,had to get a twin intake manifold,flame arrestor,and oil injection pump and cable.the thing runs awesome way better than the stock carb

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    Is this a carburetor engine or fuel injected?

    Two or three cylinder?

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    Any news!?

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