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    how to change to premix

    I have a sl700 1996 i want to switch to premix question is what do i need to do to accomplish this ? Id rather not remove the oil pump if not necessary .. Would it be okay to just cap off the unused lines and disconnect the cables? and do i need to re adjust the high and low on the carbs to accommodate the premix ? .. I am a novice to all of this and any info you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated .. Thanks in advance...

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    You could just cap everything - pretty simple to remove it all and buy a block off plate though - just make sure if you do that to get it sealed well

    Polaris oil pumps are reliable (as long as all lines are good) - I wouldnt mess with premix - personal preference thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBone14 View Post
    - I wouldnt mess with premix - personal preference thing

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    Well i was having some issues with a leak from were the oil line attaches to the oil pump... Its an L shaped connector and it pulls out of the oil pump i wasn't sure how to get it permanently attached .. And the suggestion on here was to delete the oil pump and go with premix

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    I agree that the oil pumps themselves are pretty stout and not prone to failure... but the hoses and fittings are what usually fail.

    My '96 SL 780 threw the MAG rod threw the case because of insufficient lubrication due to the barb fitting on that carb was loose... and even though the oil line from the pump was properly attached, it must have been sucking air or squirting the oil out the leaking loose barb fitting instead of into the carb. Kaboom. I've rebuilt the engine with a different case/crank... and even "fixed" that loose oil line barb... but I'm not trusting it. Capped it off and am going premix.

    To the OP's original question. I'm not positive on the domestic engines, but on the blue Fuji engines... it's easy to pull the oil pump, remove the geared stub shaft behind the pump in the block that drives the pump and put the pump housing back on to keep the block sealed (or buy a block off plate). Then remove all the oil lines and cap off the lines that go into the carbs or intake manifold. Then you need to get the brain box to recognize full oil... so you can just leave oil tank full, or pull the oil level sensor and wire the float in the up/full position, or remove tank/sensor and put a resistor in between the two oil level sensor wires. (do a search for resistor ohms needed).

    You will use more oil premixing. Oil pumps really lean out the oil mixture at idle and low rpms... whereas premix runs the same gas/oil ratio from idle to WOT so it's really rich all the time.


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