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    GP1200R Overhaul

    Well I guess i will now start a thread on this section now that I am going to be rebuilding my ski.

    Here is what i believe to have happened, oil line on #3 cylinder came off and caused a overheat and kinda wiped out the engine, the cylinders do not seem to have any damage to them but I am only getting 44-50 PSI on all cylinder. now here is the fun part that the ski is taken apart, on the cyl head there is a 67X on the tag witch I thought was the engine model but the pistons have 66V stamped on them. is the engine a a 66V or a 67X ?? i really need to know before i go and order a bunch of parts and the local shop was no help today other then telling me that its a 2 stroke and everyone has going over to 4-stroke (so what). also if you could send me in the right direction where to get parts for this thing so i can get back on the water soon. along with any idea of what kind of build would be possible now a days with what looks like a very limited parts suppliers anymore.

    I am also open to any suggestions on what to do to get more power out of this beast. going to be doing the D-plate and chip for sure, also looking at F/A's and the rejetting along with maybe new reed set's and the waveaters for the PV.


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    Your off to a good start. Its a 66v engine. No clue what the other number is. If the cylinders are okay, then you should Just need pistons. Pro x sells a nice replacement piston for cheaper than oem. For oem parts use click yamaha genuine parts, then waverunner parts, then you'll get exploded diagrams, part numbers,ect. For aftermarket stuff the 4tec store is a part of this site, 10 percent off I believe. Also you can use island racing and atlantic jetsports. Your probably going to want new oil seals for the crank and all new gaskets too.

    For sure put a d plate, wave eater clips and springs, and premix is highly recomended, keeps failures from being caused by the oil line coming off like it did. To go faster get an aftermarket grate, ride plate, flame arrestors, rejet carbs, milled head (higher psi, higher oct. Gas) better prop, ect.

    For engine build stuff read all the stickies, and check out our build threads

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