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    Hole in piston- Sad day :-(

    It's a frustrating day for me. Angry that I didn't wait for the new tipple fuel pump I ordered Monday before using the Jet Ski. My brother was enjoying the new Ski and it died. We found a little hole inside the piston. The very reason I ordered the replacement fuel pump. I'm sad because I have been working on this ski for awhile now.

    What can I do now?
    Replace just 1 jug and piston?
    Replacetop end?
    Replace entire motor?

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    Cylinder may be ok. New piston and rings are in order though. You may be able to get away with just honing the cylinder.

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    Keep in mind that if your entire fuel system has never been gone through, then you're dealing with 18yr. old fuel lines, (inside and outside your tank) fuel selector switch, fuel system vents, carbs.....etc. not JUST a fuel pump. Something to think about.

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    we have everything here in stock. NEW

    fuel line, carb kits, fuel select valves, base gaskets, head gaskets, exh gaskets, pistons, rings, etc.

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    If there was no cylinder or head damage... then you could just get another piston and a ring set. You would also need the gaskets to go along with it... base, head, exhaust, water rail for that one cylinder at a minimum... depending on how far you tear down the engine. I would recommend at least a hone on the cylinder to go with the new rings.

    If you damaged the cylinder and/or head... you can find a cylinder(jug)/head/piston combo on fleabay from a ski getting parted. Then add the other stuff mentioned.

    CrazyA has a great point. It may not be just the fuel pump that caused your problem. Carbs are always very suspect on these older skis unless they've been rebuilt... as well as the rest of the fueling system. If you have a ski with the autocock system, be sure to remove that as well as upgrading to a triple outlet fuel pump.

    Good luck

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