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    Question No spark! Polaris Genisis

    Hi Im new to these parts . So I have a Polaris Genesis Carbureted model and it has no spark what so-ever. I have already tried replacing the coil, voltage regulator, and CDI with no luck. I have also tried replacing the battery thinking it might be an issue with cranking rpms. I also bought a tech manual and tested the coil, oil level sensor, and some of the CDI and magneto. They all tested ok. I also checked the fuses and they are ok. It did start once. I had tricked the oil level sender so it thought the oil tank was full. For some reason after doing that the ski started and ran perfectly fine for about 20-30 seconds and then the spark cut out again and no amount of fiddling could bring it back. Do you think the deal with the oil level sender was just coincidental? Any idea what my problem could be? I have not tested to make sure the magneto is telling the CDI to fire yet. I read in the tech manual that the CDI needs to be reprogramed or something when changing skis. Is this true and could this be my problem?
    Thanks for your help!

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    did u try bypassing the lr module to rule out it isnt the problem.i am new to this also but have been dealing with the same type of problem.this is where every one had me start,check some of my post to see how i done the bypass if you havent tried it.some one on the site will be able to help you,just hang in there!

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    Bump. Any ideas guys?

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