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    Seadoo 951 3D Stand Up - Anyone know of a Guru with these i can contact? Any leads!

    I have an 06' that i want to customize w/ a different motor. You guys know of anyone who was or is into these 3D's that can give me some advise. Theres got to be someone who has tricked these things out or done wild mods.

    Im thinking,

    Yamaha Raider 1100 motor (wont last long on fuel though)
    Kawasaki SXR 800 - 1100
    Yamaha 760 twin carb

    Really want the old school reliability, MIX THE GAS AND I GOOD BATTERY and your off.

    Thanks for any leads people.

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    Try contacting Perry Performance Group in Florida, they might know some tricks.

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    Drop a 1100 cc miller engine in their as it should bolt straight up.

    Or a DASA 1100cc 16mm Billet stroker motor

    These will give the best power / weight /CC ratio.

    Like this
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    Wish i could afford a Dasa Motor. Cant seem to find info on Miller? Any website info? Was hoping to find a Builder in Florida or someone i can ship a 951 to and have built.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbskye View Post
    Wish i could afford a Dasa Motor. Cant seem to find info on Miller? Any website info? Was hoping to find a Builder in Florida or someone i can ship a 951 to and have built.
    contact Water Worx hes in FL there somewhere....not sure if hes still around. havent seen him post in a while

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    The DASA 970 is good for 180 hp, but yes, it's big bux and you still have to come up with an exhaust. I'm not sure what it would take to get similar hp out of a 951 (I'm guess big bore/stroke, twins, novis, extensive porting, etc).

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    Remember the 3d's are fuel injected, so it is hard to add power.

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    Big Bore 951 seems to be the way to go after talking to Mel Miller & Chris over at Bill O'Neils. Just have to fork out $4500. I never road the 951 version of the 3D, just the 787 and it was lacking power for sure.

    Im really wondering if the stock 951 carb motor w/ some jetting-filters and prop will be close to decent lowend & mid's that im seeking. Think i will give it a shot and if not, then Mel can do his magic and build a monster.

    A 180 hp Dasa - that would be AWESOME!

    Soooo - any of you guys know where i can find a 99-01 XP limited donor ski for a good deal? Think my best bet is try to find one running or needs rebuilt and transfer everything into the 3D. They're exact hulls, so other than switching fuel tank pick-up's, i should be close to hitting the water.

    Wire4Money- you are correct on the fuel injection but im going carb 951 so i can make the Mod's later on. This is why i need a 99-01 XPL w/ eveerything in it.
    Airborn- Thanks for the info on Water Worx. I'll search tonight.

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