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    Honda Troubles - Some Guidance Please........

    Howdy guys - I have just had the worst day - feel like I`m chasing my tail

    VERY long story short I`ve been trying to find the source of fault codes on my ski, basically it will run on tick over perfectly but once I go over ~3000 rpm I pretty much immediately get the flashing warning light and accompanying beeper

    When I pull the code it always MIL 25 - Knock sensor, so I stripped the air intake to get access to it and it looks fine, carried out the tests described in the manual (basically verifying the wiring between the plug and ECU was intact and not shorted out) and all seems well but I`m still getting this code constantly. is there any way to check the Knock sensor itself and is there any way to bypass temporarily for testing purposes?

    Some other stuff which may or may not be relevant:

    The obvious answer is that the Knock sensor has failed and should be replaced but realistically how likely is this to be the problem? Perhaps something else is genuinely wrong with the engine and the sensor is doing its job?

    It began just after the ski came out of storage, it had just been serviced (oil change and filter) but it was done by me in exactly the same manner as before with no ill effect

    The battery was just replaced prior to this fault starting and whilst its been stored correctly and seems to hold charge I believe it to be more sluggish than the dead battery it replaced - could abnormal voltage cause the ECM to do weird things?

    I wondered if the fuel had gone bad so I`ve drained it and put in fresh (didnt seem to make any difference)

    I reckon its running "lumpier" than I remember it and I`ve read about ECMs going bad - could this be my problem (any ideas on replacement cost?) Seems odd though that it idles and runs up to ~3000 rpm consistently if this were the case

    Does the Knock sensor pick up engine vibration? I ask as on the day this issue first occurred I had just replaced the prop for a new Solas but only got 10 feet from the launch before it sucked something up and jammed it up so bad I had to strip it (seriously) - is there a chance the shaft got bent and in turn is the soure of the vibration?

    I`m gonna try changing the plugs tomorrow (clutching at straws) but after that it time to order parts - question is which? I don't wanna shell out for a new ECM if its something else but I don't wanna miss out on the summer either

    The ski only has 73hrs and has never seen salt water so its in pretty good shape apart from this

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    replace the sensor as a first step.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermac View Post
    replace the sensor as a first step.
    Cheers Mac, makes sense I suppose, problem is I live in the UK and it takes so long to get it shipped over, then if it don't work I have to repeat the whole process

    Does anyone know if these sensors are also found on Honda Blackbirds (as the Aquatrax engine is based on the Blackbird engine)? If they were the same I could purchase one locally to speed the process up

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    hello every one i was wondering how to lube wastegate on my honda f12x turbo

    any suggestions

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