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    2007 VX engine overheat alarm

    I have two 07 VX's and both had engine overheat alarms today.... The only thing I have done since my last ride in the fall is winterize and change oil in them? The alarm only happend when riding at high RPM's for ~15 min. Water is comming out of the back and "spruts" from the side pisser on both, any ideas what is causing this?

    I checked the intake grate and no debris were in the intake or around the impeller shaft.

    Thanks and I appreciate anyones input or help on this...

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    The Yami dealer wants to pull the head to get at and clean the deposits left around the water jackets.. looking like a $1K each job! Is there another way to clean out the deposits (said it looks like clay) other than pulling the enginge? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Where r u located?

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    Chesapeake, VA

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