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    1993 seadoo spx what's that clicking noise???

    Ok, I am betting that most of you thought clicking.....solenoid...or some other thing is the situation. Have a SPX with the white motor. SKI was recntly purchased and bought pretty much because the guy actually took my offer when I figured he would turn me down. Engine has 125-128 psi in each cylinder has dual carbs. The Engine spins and is getting fire. But it is not fireing (not the clicking noise) (ooh and me thinks it nots start because of carbs possibly) But it turns over there is the damdest clicking noise i have ever litterly sounds like this engine is a 1/2 inch ratchet.......turn it by hand and it clicks turn it by starter it sounds posibly like the front cylinder. Was wondering if possibly crank bearing or maybe wrist pin bearings......any thoughts would be nice......

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    Are you fairly sure that the noise is definitely coming from the engine? Just making sure you have eliminated the possibility that it could be something in the driveline. A crank bearing could certainly be a possibility, but I would start by checking a few other things first. If in fact the noise is coming front mag cylinder, I would first rule out the starter, there is a possibility that it may be staying slightly engaged. If all checks out with the starter, pull the carbs and RV cover and check for any sort of damage to the rotary valve or the rotary surfaces. Make sure there is no sort of debris, pieces of bearing, ect ect. If this turns up nothing, make yourself a ghetto stethoscope out of a piece of tubing by sticking it in your ear and then down into the intake port on this suspected side, grap the PTO and rotate the crank by hand. Your only going to get about a half turn before the back side of the crank comes around, catches the tubing and pinches it between itself and the cases. Hopefully it will be enough of a turn for you to replicate the noise.

    If you isolate the noise and it is definitely something internal, it's teardown time. Best of luck

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    My first thought was a crank bearing where the inner holder is missing and the ball bearings are loose between the inner and outer cages. As the crank rotates it pulls the ball bearing to the top of the race then it falls onto the bottom ball bearing. My 96 GTX made a similar noise although not very loud and that is what I found on tear down.

    You would probably hear this turning the motor by hand, with the starter it would be too noisy to hear.

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    Ya you can hear the motor click both when it is being turned over by hand and by starter. Some of the things both of you mentioned kinda came to mind as well. But i did notice today that it turns about 1/4 turn and clicks. 1/4 click. you can feal the click in the motor. Me think tear down time. IF i do have to tear it down will include some pics of the culprit appreciate the info guys.

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    OK...finally had a chance to tinker with this ski today. Amazingly i found the problem pretty fast. I would never had believed it if i hadnt seen it my self. pulled the intaked off and noticed when i rotated the engine the rotary valve wasn't moving. soo upon further inspection i came upon the culprit. the rotary valve ...ripped,,,tore on the edge folded over and got lodge into the intake on the pto side. mild gouging on the roary valve survaces on manifold and engine. i have a spare valve next off day gonna see what you can do time the new one and see what happens.

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