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    1996 SLX 780 oil pump


    Have a huge problem here, just got done with a total top to bottom rebuild on my motor and spaced out and forgot about the oil pump and now when the engine cranks oil is not being sucked through the lines.

    I now have the pump out and am wondering how to check to see if it is bad or how to pull it apart and clean it out??


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    The oil pump on these skis are simple units that rarely have issues. It's the hoses to and from the oil pump as well as the connection fittings that do have problems and cause the oiling troubles. If all your oil pump lines are good... no cracks or kinks in them... and the connections are tight at all fittings... and you didn't take out the geared stub shaft behind the oil pump that drives it off the crank... and the oil filter is clear... then you should be fine.

    Just sounds like you need to bleed the main supply line to allow the oil to flow to the pump. You do this by loosing the big banjo bolt on the oil pump and let gravity work as the main line fills. When you see oil leaking out the bolt at the pump... the line is purged... tighten the bolt back up. You *really* should also plan to premix your first tank of gas with some oil just to be safe for break-in. This will give you extra protection until your oil pumping system get fully purged and working after the ski has run for a little bit. It'll be extra smokey for that first tank.

    Good luck

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    Thanks so much, now all i have to do is put it all back together I was gettting ahead of myself and took the dang thing out il put it in and test it and keep you posted!

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    ok so just got the ski all together and hooked up but still no oil I hit the bolt until oil started flowing out to purge the lines, my last question in it all is how is the bracket that the rod that goes to the throttle supposed to be hooked up and does it go in a certain way to line up? I have it sprung too much now and its messing with my throttle. A pucture of one that is put together the right way would do wonders here!

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    Try this old thread. It has some pics... but read the whole thing. The first post has it hooked up wrong and a later pic shows it correct.

    Also... check out the pictures in this fleabay auction for 780 carbs. It has some good pics that show where the oil pump rod connects to the throttle linkage.


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    thanks for the help it looks like my spring is way too wound up now and il back it off a turn and see how it goes! (currently is messing with my throttle its so sprung)

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    Figured it out with the help of the pictures and looking at my buddy's ski I was trying to put the arm on in the wrong position (basically 180 degrees the wrong way)

    Thanks for all the help

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