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    Stuck piston ring on 2004 gtx

    I have a 2004 gtx SC that i bought used with 45Hrs. When i test rode it, it ran great and didnt smoke. I buy it and take it out the second time and a nice big cloud of oil smoke puffs out. Engine sounded fine so i continue to ride it and the smoke goes away completely after about 5 min, and doesnt come back all day, even after i shut it down. Engine makes full power, rpm and speed no problem. I did a compression test and my #3 cyl is at 60PSI (engine cold and smoking again) while the others are at 95. I am assuming i have a stuck ring on the piston and was wondering if there were any tricks to loosen it, (oils?) or do i have to do a teardown. If i do have to pull the motor apart what can i do to make it more dependable. I know about the valves and flywheel bolts and already have the steel washers. Is there anything I can do about the timing chains tendancy to fail or any other problems i am not aware of? Thanks in advance.

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    does 04 have the forged pistons? what is the 04 rpms 8100 or 7600?

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    its a 185HP so i think it has cast pistons.

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    your compression is pretty low and yes you have cast pistons, get a set of used forged pistons and upgrade to some arp flywheel bolts and studs, might as well do the 08 oil mod while its apart.

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    any idea where i could get some used forged pistons, ive looked on ebay, craigs list and a bit on this site. Im still not too familiar with this site so I might have missed it.

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    wfo has some last time i talked to him

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    Hey folks, just wanted to share what ended up being the problem. After about 4 more hours of riding, for 10 total on my part, the engine began puking smoke on the lake. Got ashore and found that it had used 2 quarts of oil in the final 2 min that it ran. Checked compression, all cylinders were right at 120, but the cranking didnt sound right. So i bit the bullet and tore it all apart to find the #3 piston had hydro'd at some point. The reason that cyl was smoking was because peices of the piston skirt blocked the scavenging port below the crank. When cold, oil would fill the #3 crank chamber, when the oil was hot it could make it through the restriction and the smoking would stop. The port finally became so plugged that nothing could get through. So now im doing a complet overhaul with high comp forged pistons and a valve upgrade.

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