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    Capping Fuel Lines on the Triple Pump Mod

    ...So I've done this conversion more times than I can remember. After the first couple of times, and a couple of leaks, I decided to just solder some brass connector fittings to use as plugs. It's worked great. So tonight, I'm doing another set of carbs, then I look on my shelf at an extra set of 780 carbs (95 SLX) and notice that while there is a hose fitting installed, it is "plugged" from the factory. So this got me wondering....

    Has anyone just soldered shut the now unused hose fitting on the carb plate instead of messing with clamps and plugs? Of course, I mean real solder; Mapp gas, flux...not a soldering iron.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just ran a fine thread tap in there, and put a bolt with gas resistant sealant.

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