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Thread: Need help fast!

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    Need help fast!

    I just got a 04gtx and ran it all day yesterday and friday last night i anchored it and left it cameBack this morning and it got beached the anchor came off. However nowMy Engine Compartment is sitting With a good bit of water in it snd i have no idea what to do

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    How much water? If it did not reach the intake fire it up and run it. Once moving it should lose the water in the hull. I'd put it on the trailer and with it sitting on the ramp start it up and see if you can determine where the water is coming in. A bilge with an auto switch would be a good idea also.

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    How much water inside? I would do the following: tow it to the ramp, put it in the trailer, drain the water out and pull the hose charger hose and see if water got inside. If none then wash the inside and spray everything including inside MPEM connectors with lots of lube. Don't leave your ski unattended. Good luck.

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    szt was quicker on the button haha! sounded to me like the water was due to waves breaking over the ski while beached

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    Another Problem yesterday i had a bearing pop out of the trailer so im
    Trying to keep wait off its good
    Amount of water but prolly only an 1/8th of the way full its only in the bottom

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    I got it out i started it it ran wouldnt get up and go but im
    Hoping thats just cause it was watered down so its draining right now.

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