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    02 TXi shuts off ?!?

    I was finally able to get my Virage out on the water yesterday, and boy is that thing faaaaast compared to the 800.
    I let my buddy have the maiden voyage after rebuilding it, and I followed him on the 800 just in case. In a period of 10 minutes the ski shut off 3-4 times. It would happen at any speed from part throttle to full out on a plane. I tried taking it out and noticed when trying to start it right after it happened, the voltage was reading low on the display, the fuel was reading half tank (it was full), no error lights. If I let it sit for a minute or two it would start up and run for another few minutes and happen again.

    The engine is brand new therefore good compression
    The fuel pressure regulator was securely attached to the housing
    The TPS and CPS are brand new
    The stator ohms out good
    The EMM is getting a good supply of cooling water (pisser installed to monitor flow)
    All electrical connections are clean and covered with dilectric grease

    I'm leaning toward the LR module or the display.
    Anyone have any other ideas?

    I should note that after letting it sit for a minute or two, the voltage went back up to 13v. The battery is 6-7mo old, and was fully charged the night before.

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    Has the EMM been checked and/or updated? Doesn't matter how cool it is, if it's already fried, it could cause intermittent problems as the board and components heat up.

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    It was just bought. Im not spending another $600 to have DFI work on it. I really dont think its the EMM, but I will try my other set if nothing else fixes it. I just dont want to have the hassle of swapping it for the 4th time.
    It really seems as if there is something grounding out. I had a bad MFD that was causing it not to start and didn't know it. I have swapped it with another one that I got from Retro on here, he claimed it was good. Im just wondering if the MFD or LR could be causing the issues.

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    I really doubt it.

    But....bypass the LR and take it for a ride.....just remember the stop button will not work and you'll have to pull the lanyard!

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