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    SPX wont start or crank

    I just recently purchased a seadoo spx but im not sure of the year.. It has a white 2 cylinder motor .. When i go to start it the motor trys to crank but sounds like it has a dead battery so i changed out the battery and its still doing it.. I was messing around checking thing and i kept trying to start it.. After a few mins smoke started to come from somewhere under the carb!! The guy i bought this from started it before i bought it so it did run and it was winterized so idk what could possibly be wrong with it

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    year of ski is the last 2 digits of the H.I.N. located on the back of the hull. smoke coming from under carbs, that's where the starter is located, check to make sure that the positive cable and negative cable are both tightned at their respective locations( disconnect the battery while doing this) if they're good then your starter maybe shot,but before condemming the starter, remove both spark plugs and try to turn the engine by hand and then with the starter. post back when you've done these steps.

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    "just below the rear rave valve, to the outside of the exhaust manifold is a extra unused bolt hole.
    thats the one." i wrote this in 2008 double check the location i dont have my spx anymore
    any open bolt hole in that area will do, make sure its on the block so you get best ground possible. bolts on teh exhaust or manifolds have gaskets and are thus somewhat isolated from from the main block for grounding purposes...

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    way back when i first did it 2006, several suggestions for sizing the bolt, i dont recall which i used...
    when looking at the block,
    where the exhaust manifold bolts to the block,
    on the pto side of the block all the way to the left side...
    there is an extra wing outside the manifold
    (on the block side) in this wing is a bolt hole, threaded, nothing mounted in it!! painted over.
    it is a good place for a bolt to mount the new ground wire!!!
    read it for bolt suggestions...

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