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    Doing Away with MFD - aftermarket fuel gauge and overheat solution SLX 1200 Pro

    I'm fed up with the MFD issues and didn't want to spend $300 on some used beat up MFD that will inevitably give me problems down the road. Although the tach, speed indicator, trim position etc. are nice things to have, all I really need is a fuel gauge and overheat indicator since I already converted my SLX to premix. Through my research, I found an electric gauge which has a similar ohm value as the OEM MFD and it only costs $62. See link below and scroll down until you find the 240-33 ohm fuel gauge. Full float up is 35 ohms and empty is 240 ohms so this aftermarket gauge should work quite well. This gauge would also work well as an oil gauge as well since the oil sender works with the same ohm range. I plan to install mine in the key compartment and seal it up so it is water tight. Because the temp sensor is ground triggered, I plan to drill a small hole in the hull below the handlebars and install a red light. I will split power from the red/purple wire which will run the elec fuel gauge and wire it to the red light. I will wire the tan (ground-triggered) wire to the other light terminal. If the ski overheats, the ground will be triggered and the red light will illuminate. Just thought this info was worth sharing.

    C2 Fuel Gauge
    • 2-1/16 In. Diameter
    • Gauge Range or 240 - 33 Ohms
    • Electronic Gauge

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    I suggest you go for marine spec gauges. The auto gauges won't last long in the water, no mater how much you try to waterproof them they are just not cut out for it (been there). You are right in the ohm range working with the gauge.

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    why not install a water temp guage as well??get a mechanical version and install in the red water bar,did one on my sl1050.t-stat would get it to about 145 at idle but at cruising speeds the temp would drop below the minimum of the gauge

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