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    Flipped my GTX Limited 215 (water ingestion), any more tips besides what I found?

    Well, this is only my 2nd time riding my new-to-me 2008 GTX Limited 215. Previous ride was an 01 RX... Anyway, I had been riding most of the day yesterday either by myself or with 1 other passenger. I'm guessing my big mistake was when I agreed to let a 3rd passenger on. I never noticed this with 2 people onboard, but when I let the 3rd one on, it did seem a little unstable. It really seemed to go nose up on launching so I never really gunned it from idle. Anyway, we were circling around to change directions and somehow I started to feel it tip too far. For a split second, I thought we recovered but next thing I know I feel the whole ski turning over (to the left). We should have let go and bailed sooner, but that's just wasn't my natural instinct (LOL). We ended up all on the same side of the ski while the ski was upside down and still running (because I was so close the key didn't pull out). I frantically hurried as quick as I could to yank the key out. Got the boat flipped back over but obviously it was so water logged, only the front half was above water. Thankfully we were about 75-100 ft from the ramp. I had our friends on the other jet ski go relay the message to get our trailer backed down to the ramp. Pulled it out of the water and onto the trailer and began draining everything. Also, pulled the plugs and pumped as much water as I could that way. The oil is milky so i've got water there too. Once I got it home, tilted it back and removed the supercharger intake hose (it was scary how much water ran out of that too). My plan now is to take my shop vac with a piece of rubber hose that will fit down in the cylinder and suck any remaining water out. I will also check the rest of the intake hose. But my question is what about any water in the intake manifold and intercooler? I did a search on here and found this nice writeup, but it doesn't mention the intake manifold. I will stop by the dealer when they open back up Tuesday and pick up some oil filters, fogging oil, etc. In the mean time, I will spray WD40 in the cylinders to try to keep the rust from forming. Hope this ski will be ok after all this!

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    Take the spark plugs out and crank it for 5-10 seconds.
    Wait a little bit ..
    Then repeat a couple times to push the water out.
    Then spray some oil in the cylinders .Then replace the plugs.
    Get a oil evacuation pump from west marine or your local marine supplier.
    Stealerships will rape you for oil changes when u can use this site and save 1000$
    Do some searches there are a lot of good threads on your issue.

    I've been there n done that with a few skis.

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