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    Post looking at buying a 1999 yamaha xlt 1200

    hey guys. looking to buy my first pwc i was looking online and found a 1999 yamaha xlt 1200 which looks very clean. But since this is my first time buying i was wondering of kind of things i should be looking out for when buying it. Really all i know by the ad is that he says the ski has 350 hours on it but the engine was rebuilt at 300 and of course he says everything works. and I'm finding a hard time finding specs online so if anyone knows if its a 2 stroke or 4 stroke that would be helpful so i know whether it takes a fuel mixture.

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    its a 2 stroke, power valve, 155 horsepower, 3 cylinder engine. And they have oil injection from the factory. Alot of people convert over to premix so its a good possibility this one converted over.
    You should check the compression.

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