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    Just bought a new 2011 rxt-x questions on octane

    If I run 87 Octane will I still get full boost with a stock ski or do I need to run the 91, or 93 to get full power

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    I don't think you should run less than 91 in that ski.

    It has nothing to do with boost but you will get a tiny power increase. Much better for your engine 2...

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    Power will be the same regardless. It's pump gas. You are just getting a better RON/MON average to protect against ping/knock/detonation. Run the the required minimum at least...
    I personally run 93 because the local station only offers 87,89,93.

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    from brp manual 87 min 91 recomended
    I bet you will never get full power on 87
    seems the knock sensor would have to pull out lots of timing (less power)
    same boost on both fuels, just less HP and maybe rpms with lower timing

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    you CAN run 87, but you just spent a load of $'s on a toy, and your going to skimp on what you put in it?

    run 91 or 93 what ever is in your area and not worry about the $2 your going to save on a fill up..

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