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    Wired whinning noise on side of hull 02' GTX 4-tec SC

    Help! There is a weird old modem/electronic sound coming from the right side hull where the moulding is about at the level of the steering wheel. Can not get near it from engine compartment. Maybe if I took the plastic off that gets me to the steering adjustment?

    Has anyone EVER heard this light hi pitched whine?

    Thanks, Rick

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    Sorry for being vague, it was dark out. I looked at the area the whining noise is coming from and there are yellow and blue little port type holes on the right side of the hull under the moulding. Maybe they are speedo and water temp sensors? The noise is definitely coming from one of them. I do not think that BRP would put a sensor there, the yellow and blue must be a tube that goes to the sensors? I cannot here the noise in the engine compartment. Have not tried looking in front of hull behind fire extinguisher yet.

    Any suggestions on what these yellow and blue things are would be great.


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