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    Help - 2009 Yamaha FZR Error Code 142

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2009 Yamaha FZR SHO with R2 Reflash (no Powershot) and other mods. Recently on start up it has been coming up check engine. When I source the error code, it comes up 142.

    The service manual relates this to Throttle Position Sensor however my Yamaha Mechanic could not find anything wrong with the sensor. It only is doing it intermittantly also and only on start up. It isnt something that happens during riding for instance.

    Its currently not showing the fault and starts fine. Im confused and concerned that the electrical gremlins have set in.

    I believe my battery is on the way out as it is coming up as Lo V at startup so my first step is to replace that.

    Could the low voltage of the battery be not allowing the ski to do a full "pre-check" on start up?
    Alternatively, could the issue be ECU related?

    Has anybody has this issue and what was the solution. Its annoying as twice now it has happened and I have had to go some 15kms back to the ramp in Limp mode (2,600 rpm).

    Thanks for all answers in advance.

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    Like you said, replace battery before you do anything else.

    I'm assuming your dealer had a current version (1.30 or newer) of the YDIS and verified the output voltage on throttle position sensor as well as the functionality of the TB itself. Intermittent errors can be a pain in the ass to diagnose, particularly if the problem won't replicate while you're hooked to the YDIS.

    You might want to pull the TB to verify there are no problems with the external TB wiring harness (e.g., wear to insulation causing intermittent short) or with the TB shaft/plate binding due to wear.

    I'm wondering if the TB is intermittantly sticking partially open, causing the fault.

    Below is a link to a manual of the YDIS version 1.3 software. It's a web archive, but you can read about the test procedure(s) to see if it gives you any additional insights.

    Hope you're able to get it figured out.

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    142 is not a tps code it's a electronic throttle system code check the throttle body could be sticking.

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    Thanks for your advice guys.

    Not having a service manual will prob mean I cant service this myself but will advise the yamaha mechanic.

    Does anybody have a service manual link or pdf version that they could email me?

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    The FZR electronic throttle has two main components, the APS sensor set (APS 1&2) controlled by the throttle lever and the throttle body, which has an electronic actuator assembly and two throttle position sensors (TPS 1&2). The APS sends a voltage to the throttle body, telling it to go to a certain point. The TPS sensors tell the ECU the actual throttle opening amount. If the two match in sync, everything is cool. But if the TPS assemblies report a voltage value different than what the ECU expects it to be, it will throw a throttle body fault. As Jim says, the throttle sticking could cause this. Also, low battery voltage could fool the ECU in detecting an incorrect voltage level from the TPS assembly. (they have two APS's and two TPS's for redundancy; one can fail and the other can still operate the ski, but will throw either an APS or TPS fault if the ECU detects an unexpected differential voltage between the two.)

    BTW, be forwarned that YDIS has a bug in the throttle opening angle value it reports. We noticed this when we developed our Yamaha system, so our system reports the correct throttle angle values.

    PM me about the manual....


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    Thanks for your info.

    So essentially, starting with a new battery may eliminate the issue altogether with the back up fix being a review of the Throttle Body sticking? Is this an easy enough fix or will it require a replacement of the TB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman999 View Post

    Thanks for your info.

    So essentially, starting with a new battery may eliminate the issue altogether with the back up fix being a review of the Throttle Body sticking? Is this an easy enough fix or will it require a replacement of the TB?
    Yes; start with new battery first. I would pull the TB and inspect it. I have never disassembled the electronic throttle bodies, but there are those that have. First carefully inspect the shaft where it goes into the body and the butterfly for signs of corrosion. It might be binding at either the shaft interface or the butterfly against the bore. A drop or two of oil at the shaft/body interface wouldn't hurt and might help. Don't try to move the plate manually. Only exercise it electrically, which you would have to hook it up and crank over the ski to turn on the ECU to do it.

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    Jeff, Thanks for all of your help.

    Manual also received.

    Many thanks.


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    Did you ever get this resolved?

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    Old thread but I just started having the same issue. I ride it all day, rides fine. shut it off, and then magically this code appears. I have basic Bolt on and an R&D Stage 3 and a C-11 wheel. Any advice? My battery says low too but never drops below 12 volts? Who knows its a 5 year old battery time for a new one?

    Thanks all!!!

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