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    2003 1100stx di crank position sensor fouling with oil

    lately oil has been getting into the case on the front of the motor and fouling the crank position sensor. this sets off the check engine light. when we pull the sensor and wipe it off everything is perfectly fine. The underlying issue is what concerns me. how would the oil be getting into the case and fouling this up. bad seal? bad oil pump?

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    seals leaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123456 View Post
    seals leaking

    Any clue or suggestion how to do the work? pull the motor? crack the case in half?

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    get a manual, pull the motor and split cases, replace both front/rear seals and reseal case.

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    No pulling the motor nor splitting the case, yet!

    You want to confirm the leak first by removing the stator cover from the front of the motor. Just unbolt 6 or 7 10 mm head bolts and the stator cover and it will come off (with the CPS on the top) from the motor. If there is oil (shouldn't be), clean/dry up reall well. Then, crank the motor a few times and see if the front crank seal is really leaking or not. Who knows if someone put oil into the stator area because there is a cap that looks like a "oil fill cap" on the top.

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