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    2009 STX 15F Impeller

    Im actually new to modding jet ski's i currently have a 2009 15F and im buying some basic bolt on such as


    now as far as the impeller goes i was looking at the Sola 14/21 but i have heard of people running this impeller on there 15F and have problems has anyone here experience any problems or should i go with a different impeller


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    What don't you like about the oem stock parts?
    Wha do you want to accomplish by changing out those parts?

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    my oem impeller messed up and i want more top end speed but still manage to keep some of my acceleration

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    Don't get the 14/21, I made this mistake, even though Riva recommended it, I didn't do the exhaust mod, just the air filter, this is too much pitch. The Solas 13/19 works great! I sent my 14/21 to Impros to have it repitched, hopefullyto 13/20, I may be able to use that in the future. This ski probably could use the 14/21 with both exhaust & air filter mod only at sea level. The R&D ride plate will also give you another 2 mph. Also if you have a 2009, you only have one waterbox/muffler, unlike the 04-08's which bypass the second muffler for the exhaust mod, unless you are going to take out your 1 muffler & modify it.

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    Im glad i decided to not go with the Riva suggestion. i actually called impros and they tol me to either get the solas 13/20 or the solas 14/20 i went with the 14/20 from impros they gave me real good feedback. according to impros after i install my air filter and exhaust the 14/20 will give me some good power. i cant wait to get my parts in. as far as the ride plate i haent really looked into it but i might since everyone seems to be gettin good results from them

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