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    Question 1996 Polaris SLT 780 Only Idle's. Need Help

    Hello everyone. So today took the ski out and it was running fine and then all of a sudden it just shut off. I could get it started for a few seconds at a time but would only Idle. Got the ski to the shore and found that one of the spark plugs had broke. The metal tip on the top had come off. I changed all the plugs at this point, but still the ski would only idle and would bog and die if you gave it any gas. Also if more than one person was on the ski I could not even get it to start.

    Any thoughts on what might have broke?



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    Are you getting any warning lights on the display? Did you get the plug tip that broke off out of the plug wire boot? Where you jumping waves or something? Seems like it would take quite a jar to break the plug top. You might check the battery is still strapped down tight and all pos/neg battery connections are tight.

    Good luck

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    Compression test

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    RIPCUDA. To clarify. The lake was very rough getting to our normal spot jumping waves not but very rough yes. I did get the plug tip out of the spark plug wire and first screwed it back onto the existing plug and tested with the same result. Thats when I replaced all 3 plugs. I did check the battery connections and all were tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    Compression test

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