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Thread: 2008 stx-15f

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    2008 stx-15f

    Purchased 2-STX-15F jet skis and only have about 120 hours on each one. The screen has gone blank on one already and it is in the slo mode and cannot be reset while the other is now showing signs of a flickering screen. Anyone know what to do? The screen cost over $700 each.

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    You already have an answer.
    You need to get a $700 screen. The screen is permanently damaged from water intursion.

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    Yep that's what it is,Your screen is dead mine went kapoof recently luckily I still have warranty left while your at it might as well update the brackets holding the gauge with a revised 2012 version.

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    Check eBay for used guages.
    700 sounds really expensive.

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