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    Start of season issues - not charging / VTS not functioning

    Took my ski out of the water last year with a charging issue. Charged the battery up and it seemed fine. New season starts up, problem comes back. To make things worse, the VTS is not functioning at all. When I click the button multiple times, the display bar disappears. It reappears upon start, same spot.

    I've done nothing between the season except change the oil and put in a new filter. Ski was stored indoors in a heated garage. Battery is the same as last year but the charge was fine.

    Suggestions on where to start?

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    Ok so I started with the "easy" stuff. Checked all fuses with a continuity tester, none were bad, but one did have some nasty black looking tar on it, so I replaced the fuse. Drove the ski about an hour and it seems the charger is functioning. Volts were just under 13 before starting, 14.25V at idle after an hour ride (tested on the jet dock w/o load), and the battery was at 13.25V after shutoff. I'm going to check voltage next time before I start it. Let me know if these numbers seem like there is a solenoid issue, I read that they can still "look" good but be high.

    So on to the VTS issue. I have no idea where to start here. Restating my issue, the bar shows in one spot when running, but clicking the VTS adjustment buttons does not raise or lower the VTS. If I hold a button down (up or down) for about 5 seconds, the display bar disappears and doesn't come back unless the key is removed and restarted. Obviously nixed fuses being an issue here as I checked every fuse in the front compartment. Searching the forum here, I see this: 1. An actual failure of the VTS motor, 2. A blown fuse (which normally means the VTS motor is on it's way to failure), or 3. A loss of communication between the ECU and MPEM.

    So I am hoping to eliminate things being "this" or "that" before dragging it to a dealer. What sort of voltage should I expect at the VTS motor? Where is the solenoid?

    Someone else mentions a BUDS system. I'm not sure what that is. Sounds like I am having a communications issue. Is that a drag it to the dealer fix? I was reading that if there are low battery issues, sometimes the ECU spikes and turns things off.

    So where is the VTS motor located and how do I test it? From the online diagrams I'm seeing it looks like its hanging outside, but I'm not down at the marina to check. I have a multimeter and am good with tools, I've already done a supercharger replacement.

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