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    Polaris 700 slh 2000 trim

    Just accquired a 2000 polaris 700 slh and the mfd doesnt work. I have bypassed the switch and the trim motor works . Also hot wired switch and that works . Any suggestions

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    Not totally sure what your question is. I assume you are having a problem with the trim motor?

    The trim switch is only powered when the ski is running, or the bilge button is pressed. So if it seems not to work when the ski is off, that is normal. Either start the ski or press the bilge button. If neither methodworks, check the fuse inside the electrical box. There is a glass fuse for the MFD and one for the bilge.

    As for the MFD, 99+ MFDs fail quite often because of a manufacturing change where water gets in thru the button cable from the face to the circuit board. They, typically speaking are not reparable. Most source a 95-99 unit and repin the connector to work.

    I would reccoemend using the search function on the forum, almost every question can be answered, and the plus side is, you dont have to wait! But if you cant find what you are looking for, feel free to ask!

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