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Thread: Will it fit?

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    Will it fit?

    Good Afternoon to all. After a long time away due to my dad illness, I'm back and ready to continue with my '93 sl650 complete restoration, both in and out. My question at the moment is: My engine is just about ready to go back in. Completely cleaned, inspected, and all parts that need replacement have been purchased and installed. Can I fit it in when it is all together, or must I save some parts for after? I have to do it alone, so I'd rather be able to have it together rather than reach inside and under to do the EXHAUST PIPE, etc. If you say yes, my only concern is will I be able to get a socket on the front left motor mount if the exhaust pipe is on? My hull (late '93) has the cross member just in front of the mag, about 5 inches high. I took it apart piece by piece, but i'd really like to be able to lower it in all together! Thanx for any advise. My 64 yr old body wouldlike thte answer to be yes, but reality is what it is! LOL BTY, in the meantime, I have learned airbrushing so when it's together, I'll sent some pics. The exterior will be USMC theme, American Flag, etc etc!

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    Typically you can not have both the intake and exhaust manifolds on to get it in the SL hull. One will have to come off. I wouldn't even consider trying it with the pipe on.

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    I think you can get it with both manifolds on. Just not the pipe or carbs.

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    It will fit with both manifolds and the carbs on, but you need to manipulate the motor in order to fit. A helping hand would be a great thing, and it's going to weigh in the area of 80 lbs, so I'm not sure you'll want to try and handle that solo.

    TIP: make sure the exhaust pipe is inside the hull before you put the engine in.

    I don't know how that motor mount issue is going to play out though. I do know about yourt extra hull support, and I've never had a 1993, so I can't answer that for sure.

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    I just did my first 2 seater (SL hull) engine drop-in last week. I prefer to leave off the exhaust manifold and pipe... but have the intake and carbs fully installed. Working those carb nuts when the engine is in the hull is a PITA. I'd rather contort my hands to get the exhaust mani bolts in... all the while working around that huge exhaust pipe (which you bolt down after the mani). The engine is lighter w/o the exhaust side on... which is a plus since I usually always end up dropping-in and engine by myself. With exhaust side off... once the engine is in, I have no issues getting to the mounting studs/nuts.

    Good luck.

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