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Thread: 99 GSX flooded

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    99 GSX flooded

    I'm new and need help a lot. lol I bought a 99 Seadoo GSX limited that sat for several Years. I removed and cleaned the carbs and ran the ski for a day with a mix of the new and old gas which worked well. I did hear a high pitch squeal coming from the jet. It was random. So the next day my buddy hit another ski really hard then the instrument panel stayed on all night. So the following day I rode it and adjusted the trim to do water wheelies then I rode for another 20 minutes at easy speed and the craft almost sunk.We towed it back I drained the flooded compartment then started the ski up fine

    i then let the compartment dry out. So here is a list of my questions. 1. What could have caused the Squeal noise? I read on here the pump or jet may need replacing? 2. what would cause the lcd to stay on? 3. I saw oil at bottom of hull. So I'm guessing I should change my oil since there maybe water in it. 3. since it sat for so long what maintenance should I do before taking it back out on water? 4. Could the bilge pump be bad?5. The Accesory fuse was blown would that cause the bilge pump to to work or lcd to stay on? or what would cause the fuse to break. LASTLY would me doing standups cause it to take on water? Thanks in advance for any help here. I have received great advice from other types of forums and hope I can get some good advice. Thanks again! Alan

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    BUMP Anyone have any advice here on anyone of my questions?

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    im not sure what that fuse does... it is possible that it is for the bilge pump... how much water was in the hull? was the self bailers working? have you tried replacing that fuse and see if it holds? water could be coming in from many places, you need to check it on the hose for leaks first then water test it with the seat off and see what happens. you will hear some chatter from the pump area on the hose but once its in the water it should be more quiet

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    If you look into the pump from the rear - you should see 2 tubes sticking into the jet stream - these 2 tubes are for the self bailers.. If those tubes are missing it will pump water into the boat..

    That 5 amp fuse may be for the electric bilge pump - assuming you have one..

    A high pitch squel could be many things - if the drive shaft hull through bearing - then it may also take on water in the hull..

    The 4 most likely causes of water in the hull are - self bailers, hull bearing, exhaust manifold water jacket leak (gasket) or water cooling hoses..

    If you run on a garden hose at high pressure - you should be able to see a water leak.
    Exhaust manifold water leak - should be able to see a water leak on a high speed lake run with seat off..
    hull bearing water leak - sitting in water or fill hull enough to cover shaft bearing and look for leaks outside of hull..
    self bailers tubes - look inside venturi for 2 tubes

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    Thanks for your help. I will run through these tests in the next few days!

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