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    parting out two running ultra 150's 2000 and 2001. great condition

    If any of you need parts call me 570-951-6909. I'm putting all of it up for sale so I can pay a lawyer to fight for custody of my daughter.

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    Hey I'm looking for 3 cylinders with their matching pistons. If so what is your compression?

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    Sorry to hear about your dilemma!

    How I'd love to put a couple of those engines in my Yamaha Exciter boat... Just wish I had the time and money to do it.

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    Post pictures, I'm interested in parts

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    Looking for a good cylinder jug. How many hours are on them?

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    If the carbs are available I may be interested. Please let me know. Thanks

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    I am also looking for a good cylinder jug.

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    i'm interested in the crankshaft and crankcase on the 2000 mod let me know, thanks.
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