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    Seadoo depreciation?

    How do these things hold up against depreciation? Lets say I wanted to sell a 2012 RXP X with 40 or so hours on it next year (2013) What could I realistically get out of it? Never salt water ridden, never kept in the water over night, always cleaned and garage stored after ridding.

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    They are like cars. As soon as you drive it off the lot you lose $1000.00 or so. Best way to gauge future depreciation is to look at past depreciation. That said, Nada says that a 2011 rxpx retails for about $13,500 and would sell now for about $10,260 average price.

    So, all things being equal and assuming nothing changes you can expect to sell your rxpx next year for about 2 or 3 grand less than what you paid for it.

    EDIT: I'm not saying that is what it is worth or what someone might give you for it - I'm simply pointing to a reputable source for a ballpark.

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    Wow, send it to Australia, you will get your money back and more!

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