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    2006 SPORTSTER loss of power and grinding noise

    Hey Guys, i am brand new here so please bare with me. I was driving along the other day at abour 70 percent throttle when all of a sudden the power dropped and i heard a grinding noise almost like a driveshaft slipping or like the boat went into neutral. I proceeded to give it some throttle and it would only go 2 mph maybe, i shut it off and restarted it and away it went with no issues. Later that day it did the same thing at 20 percent throttle, shut off restarted and away i went. I'm lost for what the issue is, no clue onthe hours but i would say maybe 80. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I like to start simple, so I'd venture to guess you sucked something into the pump each time it happened. Sometimes stopping and floating around for a few minutes is all it takes to get whatever went in there back out, which is what sounds like happened. Twigs and weeds are not friendly to jet pumps. River and small lake riding after recent rains will greatly increase the chances of this with typical increases in the amount of debris floating around.

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    Yea your sucking stuff up into your pumps.... Welcome to jet boats.. lol

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