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    Ultra 150 Problem

    Ok guys get out your thinking caps on...
    Got an 01' ultra 150 that hasn't ran in a couple of years (got it that way) previous owner had removed center head beacause he said it had water in it. Got the ski, took the water manifold off and it was packed full of scale and so were the jugs. Took the top end off and cleaned it out, replaced all new gaskets- jugs, heads, water maifold. I'm assuming he was having over heating issues (salt water). Went throught the carbs and also replaced oil lines. Added some fresh premix gas, just in case, compression was good. Fired up ski, cranked with very little effort, only let it run for about 15 seconds. later on that day, every time you hit the start button it would crank. Now the problem, backed it into the water and it was difficult to crank, would only light off and die, a couple of times there was a slight back fire. Then while trying to crank it a very big back fire occured and the engine, very noticably, changed or something occured. The engine started turning over very fast and would not start again. Took it home, poured some premix in the carbs and it reluctantly started and was erratic and did not want to idle. checked compression and there is now only 80 on all cyclinders. Some happened during that back fire, I have some ideas on what happened but I want some second opinions..... thanks

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    Strange. With all three cylinders dropping in compression, I would suspect a gauge problem. However, an increase in cranking speed would indicate that compression was lost somehow. A backfire is usually indicative of a broke reed or very low compression.

    Did you torque the head nuts properly? We had a guy a while back that got confused on the service manual's use of both inch-pounds and foot-pounds.

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    Yes it is odd, the gauge is brand new, after the big back fire it was immediately apparent something had happen, it spun over very fast, all torque specs and sequence were done right. it seems to run fine in the higher rpm range. Going to pull the reeds this evening and check them

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