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    03 stx 1100 di need help

    Hi guys.. I just bought a 03 stx 1100 di and Im having I quess what you would call a problem. Lol.. When I turn it on, it keeps on stalling for abit, but if I rev it it won't unless I stop.. And when I say rev, im just holding rpm at 3 k. I put a new battery in, and it still does the same, but now I have that check engine light flashing.. This is all new to me, I've never owned pwc... Any help would be great.. Thanks Raphael.

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    The EUC (aka EMM) is cooked due to insufficient water flow into the EMM cooling cirucit. If you just install a new EMM, it will get cooked again if the cooling problem is not fixed. Open up the stator cover for a blockage in the cooling system. You need to get a hold of mechanic who's faimiliar with DI engines and system.

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    Ok I've changed the plugs cleaned the crank pos sensor, and same result.. Any other advise please... If anyone knows how to work on this ski, and lives in nj please get back to me

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