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    2001 engine rebuild, newbie

    I'm a new guy at this and I am doing a complete new engine rebuild I have pretty much all the timing down but the balance shaft does that have to be in a certain position? If there is any other tips please let me know. Have it all bored out, any good piston kits plus gaskets? I wanna do this engine right the first so I would like to get the "good stuff".. (01 rx 951)

    Thank you!!

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    download the service manual -

    The counter balancer is timed - the crank and balancer have alignment marks on the gears..

    WSM makes Top-End Kits = top end gskts and pistons.. had the best price

    If doing a complete rebuild - you need crank end seals and an installation gasket kit as well..

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    Did you bore it before purchasing the pistons? You want to bore it with a piston on hand, to check for proper clearance

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