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    Need help with broken reverse cable on Yam 1200 SUV

    The little bastard broke on me this weekend! Then got wedged in the gate and had to limp to shore not knowing what was up and with it stuck between forward and reverse.

    Anyway, the thing snapped on the water side and bent so the lever is now stuck. Dealer wants $380 to replace! Can you belive that? Any way, anyone know where I can find a replacement? I hear they are about $50. Have any pointers?

    Also, if you happen to be in near St. Paul, MN, and looking for some $ on the side, I would pay you for ther repair. But, for $400, I will straighten the cable, put the shift level in the correct position and leave it as is w/o reverse.

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    Actually, looks like the cables are $90. Found them listed at SBT. Are these are to replace? Any tricks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaterDR View Post
    Actually, looks like the cables are $90. Found them listed at SBT. Are these are to replace? Any tricks?
    not hard to do.

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    The reverse bucket can be locked in the open position in an emergency. I did the same thing once, had the rod bend in the back. I disconnected the cable at the bucket, and was able to push the reverse bucket up until it engaged the latch. It will stay in this position. Was able to use the ski the rest of the weekend, and replaced cable when I got home.

    Even though the cables have different part numbers, I compared the SUV cable to an XLT/XLL reverse cable and they are identical. I had already ordered a new OEM cable when my friend had brought the used XLT cable by to compare. I bought it from him anyways and put on the shelf for a spare, never know when this will happen again.

    Mine was bent from it not being fully closed and latched in the closed position. Then when I hit the throttle, the little 5mm rod could not handle the force and bent.

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    Hi there, I sent you a PM. I also have a SUV (just bought last fall) and live in st Pual. When I bought my SUV the cable was rusted up. Ordered one up from STB and did it myself in about an hour for about a hundred dollar bill. let me know if you need help, I love to meet a fellow SUV rider in town. Shelden

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    Thanks for the offer. I sent you a note. I need to order parts.

    Anyway, my cable is bent and snapped. On the river, it got jammed partially open and partially closed. I now have it locked open and I am sure it would not work like this. Would prefer to have it fixed, though.

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    part has been ordered!

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    Bill, you are da man! I actually ordered the SUV cable for about $90 from SBT, BUT they sell the XLT cable for $50.

    Can you confimr again that the XLT cable is the exact same?

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    Hey guys I just bout a 2008 FX 1100A-G & the reverse cable broke at the frount were it threads into the handle that you pull. Buy how hard is it to replace it?? Thanks Bob I live in Jacksonville FL

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