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    Polaris MSX 150 water in oil

    I have a Polaris MSX 150 and about a year ago it was turned over, had it in the shop and they cleaned out oll of the oil and replaced T-Map sensors and kit boost control valve, took it out and now the turbo never kicks in all the way (Goes like half way up on the gauge) then when riding for about an hour came back in and stopped it then could not start for about an hour thought it was flooded but runs real rough now and notice there is water in the oil as it is milky in the oil tank,any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sorry for your issues. You have a unique Polaris ski... only it and the '04 MSX 110 have the Weber 4-stroke, twin cylinder, turbo engine. That sorta makes these skis the red-headed step children around here... with not so many owners/experts as there are for all the 2-stroke cousins.

    There is a LOT of knowledge here in the forums, even for the MSX 110/150 skis... just gotta dig for it.
    Start your learning here:

    Then be sure to also search the 'MSX/Matrix' subforum... most MSX 110/150 threads are in there.

    Your issue of water in the oil... especially after a rolled ski is sadly a very common MSX 110/150 topic. Try doing some searches on 'oil in water', 'milky oil', etc... here are a few threads I just came across.

    Good luck

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