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    Salt Fork Ohio...a warning.

    We traveled 9 hours this weekend to stay near Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. It's unlimited horsepower, but come to find out its FULL of no wake zones. On top of that there's only one small boaters beach in the middle of a huge no wake zone. So we went with our nieces with the idea of the kids taking turns tubing. So we pick up two kids, idle out for 20 minutes, they tube for ten minutes each, then idle back 20 minutes to switch pain in the ass. The next day we went to Senecaville Lake and had a much better time. Boaters beach is shared with the regular beach (split in the water by a concrete divider). The only no wakes were near shore...awesome place!

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    If you put in at Morning Glory ramp by the dam at Salt Fork you can anchor a little off shore and swap kids out pretty easily. It's not a big sandy beach, but a pretty nice area. Picnic right out of the truck. However, I agree Senaca has a much bigger no wake zone. You just hafta watch that 399HP limit there! We usually haul everything out to Horse Island and picnic there. Now if you go on down to the Ohio River it's like a 30 mile long Salt Fork. River is basically as wide as Salt Fork just much longer between the dams. Virtually no current in the river with all the navigation dams in place, just a long series of lakes.


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