My 2004 GTI LE RFI died on the water Monday. It was difficult to start but ran fine for 10 minutes or so. Then after changing riders, no start. Ran the battery dead and had to be towed in. So SAD!

I just checked the fuel pressure and pump and fuel filters. I got 55 psi for the fuel pressure. The pump and filters looked OK. So I reinstalled and tried a restart. It will fire up for a few seconds running very rough though. I pulled the plug wire off number one cyl. and no change. No spark to the plug. Plug wire number 2 is giving a strong spark. I have read that I should try to trim the end of the plug wire and reinstall the boot. I'll give that a try soon.

If that doesn't work, am I looking at replacing the coil pack?

On a side note, my 1998 Polaris died in the same manner on the same day. Only there is no spark to either cylinder. It has the original, guaranteed to die, ignition system. If you know anything about this, I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.