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    2004 MSX 150 Over Heating dilemma NO WATER IN THERMOSTAT Housing. Normal?

    Fighting a overheating problem. Checked t Stat and its ok.

    But why was the T housing are not filled with water. I expected some to pour out. I was wet with some wet debri all over old T stat. the internal water is sealed and I hear air suction when opened. Who on this sight has changed a T stat on MSX 150. Did water run out when you broke T stat houing was broke open. This may explain my over heating.
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    I have replaced one and water did come out. If the t-stat opened in hot water, then you may have had air trapped in the cooling system. There should be a vent hole in the thermostat. Make sure that vent hole is up, pointing to the sky when you reinstall. If there is no hole in the t-stat, a small 1/16 inch hole can be drilled in the non-moving frame of the t-stat. This hole allows both sides of t-stat to properly vent back to the coolant expansion tank and completely fill the system with anti-freeze. A pocket of air could cause overheating, provided the rest of the system checks out.

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