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    lakes in Pennsylvania?

    Well my job is relocating me to centeral PA ( I have yet to deicede where I want to live ). Are there any good lakes to go to in PA?

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    The local guys i ride with make trips to raystown lake. It's near central, PA. I've never been there. But, someday

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    Raystown/Kinzua/Bald Eagle/East Branch.

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    Yes, I go to Raystown a lot during the summer. Lots of space to run and many nice people around.
    Launch from Seven Points and camp at or Seven potints if you have camper and want electric plug in.

    Also do some day trips, its 97 miles from house and can make it in about 2.5 hours.

    BTW- that picture is from launch at seven points in my avatar.
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    I'm thinking I'd like to take a trip or two with my ski this summer. I was leaning towards Cape Cod or something like that but I suppose there may be some good places in PA to visit as well. I'll have to look into it.

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    If your still looking, i am at raystown almost every weekend. I live about an hour and 20 min away! Need any info let me know!

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