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    2001 premix gp1200r hardddd start.

    Hey everyone, I have a 01 Gp1200r and so far this year it has been a real pain to start. A couple years ago we replaced the engine because the oil line fell off on one of the cylinders and while we had it out we rebuilt the carbs. It started and ran great from then on. Now lately, it has taken lots of cranking to start it and doesnt even seem to help much when adding fuel/oil to the cylinders. My main question is though, how hard is it on the engine to crank it for a while to get it started since I assume the cylinders arent getting oil since it isnt getting gas i assume. Another thing though, i cranked and cranked it and finally got it started once, while the back end of the ski was on a hill, i put it on level ground and when i started it again it spewed oil and gas all over my drive way. So maybe it is getting the fuel/oil?

    Also once it has started once in a day, it becomes much easier to start again. I had it up to 66mph on the dreamo-meter yesterday also with just a d-plate.

    sorry for the longer read, thanks for any help

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    Bad battery.

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    Before spending your money on a new battery, take it to an auto parts store after you charge it to have a load test done. Make sure that it still has the proper cca and the internal resistance is low.

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    Have you checked your plugs to see if they are a bit fouled out?

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