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    Does anyone know what this part does? 27010-3785 "switch sensor"

    Just curious, but does anyone know what this sensor is: 27010-3785 (Fuel Injection group, switch,sensor).
    I believe it's located near the front of the engine on a 15F

    It's also used on the STX, 12F, 15F, 250LX, 250X, 260LX, 260X

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    It's a Down-Sensor or Tip-Over sensor that shuts down the ignition AND fuel supply in case when the ski flips over to shut down the engine.
    It rarely goes bad as long as it in the Up side Up position and if you didn't mess with it.
    It has an arrow and it should point up.

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    Thanks again MGM!

    That's interesting... I ended silicon'ing the rollover sensor on my Kawi KFX-450R quad because a few friends had this sensor (pendulum switch) fail and give problems.
    For the ski, I'll check it too.. (but not going to mod/disable it).

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