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    Question Checking to see if 08 Rxp's came with Cermic washers.

    So, I'm looking into a 2008 RXP 215. I'v read up on a couple things that it depends on the build date to see if the ceramic washers are in the s/c or not, and I have the HIN which ends in D808. Is that April?

    Can anyone tell me if I'm clear or not?


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    I am pretty sure all 08+ skis had metal washers. The metal washers can still be a problem though. The slip should be checked by someone who knows what they are doing by 40-50 hours. Most dealers don't know what they are doing, I believe. JMO. I hear there are at least three version of gold washers. The early ones, if the slip got low would overheat and crack into bits. This maybe less of a issue on the RXP215 SCer, most problems were with the X SCer.

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    Ok, Good to know. Thanks for the Reply jp1300! Much Appreciated.

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    I've heard the 1st half of 08 seadoo s/c motors had ceramic.
    The x models had metal.
    Best way to tell is pull the s/c.

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